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2022 – A Year of Firsts and Finallies


What’s New for 2023

Our New Years’ resolution is to cut out virtually all travel for a while to take care of Toki. Jenn is still going to IMM, but I’m staying home. We’re bringing her mom out for some dedicated cat care during our spring ski trips to Park City and Bulgaria (if the Toki keeps on ticking). However, our travel hiatus could be a blessing in disguise. First off, it’s more Toki time. It’s also a chance for us to work on deep projects that we kept pushing back last year, which is our second resolution.

I’m taking a 30-day book writing challenge in January that should culminate with an e-book for North East Florida biking. We’ll also have enough bandwidth to pursue more freelance writing, like the skiing narrative I wrote last spring but haven’t placed yet. The other project I’m excited about is an improved interactive map format that we’ll probably roll out for Gulf Shores / Orange Beach. Then there’s a huge stack of website projects on Jenn’s desk that she can bite into.

When we came home from Florida, we measured time in days – how many days does Toki have left? That clock rewound a bit to months – will she be here in March? Since I’m still working in the bomb factory, we have the luxury of measuring Coleman Concierge on a much larger scale – what will it take to travel the world and make a difference with our craft before we’re too old?

We will go location independent in the next couple of years when both of our cats are gone, so it only makes sense that we’ll grow the business now while tending to Toki. In the end, life isn’t about how much time was spent; it’s about how well you used it and the memories you created along the way.


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