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Bandman Kevo Says He Receives Half Of His Baby Mother’s Income: It’s A Business, She Becomes A Business


Bandman Kevo, Dyme Kevo

Bandman Kevo Says He Receives Half Of His Baby Mother’s Income: It’s A Business, She Becomes A Business

Popular musical artist Bandman Kevo says he gets paid half of what his baby’s mother, Dyme Kevo, makes.

In a new interview, Bandman Kevo, 32, spoke on the contract put in place between him and the mother of his children and what led him to establish a contract in the first place.

Bandman Kevo

During his conversation with the show host, the Chicago native revealed he receives half of whatever income Dyme Kevo brings in. Reportedly, the hip-hop artist placed Dyme Kevo under a contract in the case that they break up and she’s able to profit off his name.

Dyme Kevo

Bandman Kevo, real name Kevin Ford, said,

“I forgot what I wrote up, I think I get half of whatever income she get. So it’ll be literally anything and everything.”

He continued,

“It’s a business, she becomes a business. So she needs to try to treat herself as sort. ‘Cause girls got emotions and stuff like that, they fall in love. But at the same time we have to look past all of that because when all of the emotions gone and they snap they dumba** back into reality and feel like, ‘ok I need to have somewhere to stay, I need a car to drive, I need money, I got this, I got kids.’” 

Kevo explained,

“I’m the type of person like this, let’s say if we weren’t on real bad terms type sh*t right, girl I will find you a boyfriend with money. I will set you up and I will put you in tune with somebody with a bag ‘cause I just want money anyways. I don’t care who you talk to. Honestly.”

He added,

“People want to own things too much. You have a baby by a girl, you think you own her. It’s not really like that.”

What are your thoughts on Bandman Kevo receiving half of his baby’s mother’s income? Share it with us in the comments below!  


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