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Cedar and other seasonal allergens also can affect pets


As the mountain cedar season continues we wanted to find out if our pets can be allergic to this pollen specifically and pollens in general. Are they as susceptible to the misery brought about by the miserable feeling experienced by humans?

The short answer, according to Melissa Barrow from the Bluebonnet Animal Hospital, is yes. Anything that humans can be allergic to “our pets can be allergic to as well.”

Shaken cedar trees. Courtesy: Getty Images

She said there has been an increase in the number of allergic pets she and her staff have seen during the past few weeks.

One of the signs of an allergic pet is generalized itching. “They come in from the outside they’re licking their paws and they’re scratching their abdomen.” She added that the pets likely won’t come to her hospital with watery eyes and sneezing.

Golden licking their paw. Courtesy: Getty Images

There are a couple of ways to help your pet not suffer as much. When they come inside, Barrow suggests using fragrant-free baby wipes to clean their paws to help them stop licking their paws when they are itchy. Also, bathing your pet will get rid of some of the surface allergens on their fur.

In the long term, and just like humans, pets can be tested ahead of the season. “We have the ability to do allergy testing in our canine and feline patients”, Barrow said. Once the testing is complete “we can formulate immunotherapy injections or oral medications that can help desensitize them over a long period of time.”


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