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City Girls Rapper JT Recalls How A Fan Aggressively Followed Her Around The Airport: I Was Ready To Fight Her!


JT of City Girls

City Girls Rapper JT Recalls How A Fan Aggressively Followed Her Around The Airport: I Was Ready To Fight Her!

JT (real name Jatavia Johnson) has a story to tell!

The City Girls rapper provided details of an incident with a “crazy girl” who was willing to go to great efforts to meet her in a series of tweets on Friday (September 30). Despite not being on the same aircraft, she apparently followed JT around the airport in Newark. She began by saying:

“I walk in the air port right? So this girl like omg it’s JT,…. so y’all know I have anxiety idk why But I said hey so fast she didn’t get a chance to really say much cause I damn near ran to the Escalator.”

JT tweets on Sept. 30

She went on to explain that while riding the escalator, she felt a “hot breath” on her neck. The girl was there when she turned around once again. JT claims that

“So im like are you recording me she said no im on FaceTime aggressive I’m like okay stop following me, she got loud asf OH YOU REALLY LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE! now I’m lost but since you wanna go there, yeah I am what’s up!! She said THIS MY CITY in her NY voice!”

JT said that by this point, she was prepared to approach the situation differently. She stated:

“So now I’m ready to fight! cause what you mean your city girl move now! So boom she really still following me but the ticketing gate was literally right there so I’m like okay cool she’ll eventually get tf but she didn’t y’all she really still followed me”
In her final tweet, she said,
“We get to the gate I’m thinking she got a flight NO this crazy girl really just followed me there so now it’s time to shine! I went tf off, y’all know what this girl said to me? after following ME with no flight? ACT LIKE A CELEBRITY! girl I’m HUMAN not a DOG”

City Girls rapper JT

While some feel that JT should get used to the attention she receives as a result of her celebrity status, others jumped to her defense right away.

One Twitter user said,

“People need to leave @ThegirlJT before I nut tf up… My girl is unproblematic! Yall provoke these celebrities for a reaction then get mad when they give yall one…”

City Girls rapper JT

Another Twitter user added,

“Y’all talking sh*t like @ThegirlJTnot a real person. Idc what her celebrity status is y’all hoes have no boundaries”

JT tweets Sept. 30

JT has made it clear that she suffers from anxiety and that she is against being recorded without her consent. As previously reported, she recently got into a confrontation with a fan while out and about at a club. The “Act Up” rapper is seen snatching a phone from a fan who was filming her in the video footage that a club-goer was able to capture. She then went through the phone and deleted any photos or videos that were shot of her.

Later, JT took to Twitter to discuss the incident and the criticism she had received for “crossing the line” by snatching but also going through the phone. She began by stating that people should share more of her and her fans’ positive videos than simply the negative and contentious ones. JT said,

“POST the videos of me taking ppl phone making videos telling them happy birthday!!!! POST the selfies I took all night with ppl. Please go to hell, she didn’t react with nothing but SORRY because she didn’t expect me to catch her at least I gave her phone back.”

Despite the unpleasant experience at the Newark airport, things did improve for the “F*ck Ni**a Free” featured artist after a conversation with a supporter who appeared to understand her much better. JT even followed the lawyer/aspiring rapper on Instagram.

What are your thoughts on the entire situation? Let us know in the comments!

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