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Ex-NFL Player, Emmanuel Acho & Van Lathan Feud On Twitter After Tense Interview Where Acho Claims As A Nigerian American He Does Not Have “Generational Trauma”


Emmanuel Acho, Van Lathan

Ex-NFL Player, Emmanuel Acho & Van Lathan Feud On Twitter After Tense Interview Where Acho Claims As A Nigerian American He Does Not Have “Generational Trauma”


Emmanuel Acho and Van Lathan are going back and forth on Twitter!

Following their tense interview, former NFL player, Emmanuel Acho, and Van Lathan engaged in a heated Twitter debate. This all started when the two got into a disagreement about race relations on Lathan’s podcast, Higher Learning. Acho feels that as a Nigerian American, he does not have “generational trauma.” He believes that this allows him to communicate messages on racial conflict more effectively.

Lathan on the other hand feels differently and took offense to Acho’s comments, referring to the athlete as an “emotional butler” for white people.

The feud then made it’s way to Twitter with Van Lathan tweeting,

“I’m not sure what you intended to convey by stating your Nigerian background frees you of “generational trauma” and takes the “sting” out of your convos with white people. But it feels like your purposefully othered yourself from the descendants of slaves. Why?”

Emmanuel then accused Lathan’s producers of setting him up.

“Van, the entire conversation was a public set up. Your producers lured me into committing by misleading me about the topics of “conversation.” You manipulated my relationship w/ Rachel in order to publicly air your grievances as opposed to preparing me for a productive dialogue.”

Van Lathan feel as though Acho should have been prepared regardless of receiving a heads up,

“I don’t give a f*ck about any of that. Sincerely. If ur not prepared to discuss things you’ve said publicly then you shouldn’t do interviews. I haven’t posted any clips until now, and that’s BECAUSE you’re Rachel’s friend. You said I reached, I posted proof I didn’t.”

Lathan then fired off a few insults towards Acho.

“Emmanuel. I am angry. I am angry that the police continue to kill. Im angry that wealth is hoarded, I’m also angry that suit wearing charlatans like yourself have found a way to make millions off the back of other people’s trauma. I’ll stop being angry when u stop being weak.”

Emmanuel Acho later accused Lathan of letting his anger get the best of him and making the situation worse than what it needed to be.

“Van, your anger caused you to “suck up all the oxygen” disabling your brilliant cohost & my friend from contributing. Your anger caused what could’ve been a fruitful conversation to be wasted. Your anger is doing more harm than good, be well my friend. You have my # if needed.”

Who’s side are you on? Van Lathan or Emmanuel Acho? Let us know in the comments below!


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