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HGSI – A Follow Up Webinar on the Conversation & Demonstration Between Gil Morales and Ron Brown


We had close to 900 participants who attended the 1.5-hour webinar Conversation & Demonstration Between Gil Morales and Ron Brown. Since the webinar, a lot of you have sent over questions, inquiries, and overall commentary.

We are inviting you to a follow-up Q&A webinar on Aug 4th at 4:00p EST. This webinar will be a further demonstration of using the Gil Morales files included with an HGSI subscription. There are no additional costs for these files.

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Questions can be asked during the webinar, but we suggest you send them in advance. Please send your questions to Ron Brown [email protected] and George Roberts [email protected]

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About Ron Brown

Ron owns Brown Company, LLC, an investing education company. He teaches Volume Price Analysis and owns the HGSI Insider Club.

Ron and his late partner Ian Woodward became customers of HGSI in the late 90s and became interested in teaching people how to invest using the HGSI software. Their success in teaching our software lead them to create the HGSI Insider Club. Ron has over 25 years of experience with the HGSI software.

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About The HGSI Software (HGSI)

HGSI is a software platform installed onto the customers’ Microsoft Windows computer. Its primary strength is a unique “Group Database.” Data is sourced from multiple providers and organized into HGS System Reference Groups that our customers can access and customize into personal User Groups.

Included with the database are many analysis tools for evaluating and comparing your groups. Investment advisors like to use these tools to help analyze portfolios.

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