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Highest mold count of the year expected Tuesday


AUSTIN (KXAN) – It has been no secret that mountain cedar has been stealing the show in recent weeks being the lead allergen responsible for irritating the most Central Texans. Cedar started to be detected in our area in small doses as far back as late December and has peaked with the highest count of the season (so far) back on January 4. Mold however, has been relatively tame for 2023 as we continue to experience one of the driest starts to January ever.

This looks to all change. Mold will be the headline Tuesday, likely climbing to the highest count we have seen so far this season as a result of heavy rain. Our highest mold count of the year so far occurred back on January 3 when we saw our highest rain total of the month. This was when a measly 0.08″ inches fell. Tuesday’s rain will be much more heavy and significant; hence the reason for our prediction.

Tuesday, January 24th Pollen Forecast

Expected Allergy Forecast for Tuesday afternoon

Mold is not seasonal. We in Central Texas experience it all year long as it is directly correlated to humidity and rain. The more moisture in the air, the more mold we will likely experience. Prolonged periods of dry conditions will bring us dropping mold spores.

Despite mold likely spiking Tuesday afternoon to the highest levels we have seen so far this year, there is some good news. The heavy rain will clean the air, washing out the cedar and other particulates out of the air. At least for a short period of time.

February Forecast

Notice how mold is detected in our area each and every month. What can we expect for the month of February? Unfortunately, more mold and more cedar. But what is soon likely to be added additions to the club will be Elm, Ash, and Oak pollens. Look out for these new allergens in the weeks ahead.

Austin Allergy Calendar


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