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How Austin Zoo is protecting animals from the cold


AUSTIN (KXAN) — With a Hard Freeze Warning over Central Texas, it’s important to protect yourself and your pets from the cold.

That’s exactly what the Austin Zoo did for their animals before temperatures dropped Thursday.

Zookeepers took precautions like adding jackets to smaller animals and those without much fur, but the zoo also has specific protocols for the cold.

“A lot of our larger animals will actually have access to a back area where they can go in to get warmer, or they can choose to be outside,” Andrea O’Daniels, the zoo’s general curator, explained.

“We give them lots of places to get warm, bedding hay, things like that. Our smaller animals, we’ll actually just bring inside to a back holding area that’s completely warm for them just because they’re smaller-bodied. They can’t withstand the cold quite as well as our larger-bodied animals,” O’Daniels said.

Some of the animals were locked in once it got to 45 degrees.


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