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‘I Have Been Unable To Maintain And/Or Develop Healthy Relationships’ As A Result of the Rape


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman In His Limo In The 1990s: ‘I Have Been Unable To Maintain And/Or Develop Healthy Relationships’ As A Result of the Rape

Mike Tyson is gearing up for a fight outside of his usual stomping grounds.

A $5 million lawsuit filed earlier this month claims that the heavyweight champion, who has a history of sex crimes, raped a woman in the early 1990s after the two met at an Albany nightclub. The woman alleges that Mike Tyson sexually assaulted her in a limo, resulting in “physical, psychological, and emotional injury” over the years.

According to the lawsuit:

“I got in Tyson’s limousine to pick up my friend from her house. Tyson immediately started to touch me and attempted to kiss me. I told him no several times and asked him to stop, but he continued to attack me. He then pulled my pants off and violently raped me.”

Mike Tyson

The lawsuit was filed in New York under the state’s Adult Survivors Act, which gives sexual assault victims a year to file lawsuits for crimes as far back as decades ago.

According to the alleged victim:

“As a result of Tyson’s rape, I suffered and continue to suffer from physical, psychological and emotional injury. I have experienced feelings of guilt, loss of self-respect, shame, embarrassment, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, violent tendencies, drug and alcohol addiction and confusion resulting from the brutal rape.”

She wants to remain anonymous out of fear of further mental suffering, harassment, mockery or personal shame. Her intimate relationships, which she seems unable to maintain, are said to have been affected by her suffering.

The woman added,

“I have developed lifelong problems including but not limited to issues with sex, and with being touched as a result of the rape. I have been unable to maintain and/or develop healthy relationships with men or anyone in general. I have experienced extreme emotional suffering including but not limited to nightmares, panic attacks and flashbacks.”

Mike Tyson, 56, received praise for holding the title of undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990. However, he is also remembered for his 1992 rape conviction, subsequent three-year prison sentence, and his 1997 disqualification for biting opponent Evander Holyfield in the ring.

The Brooklyn native admittedly struggled with a cocaine addiction in his 40s and filed for bankruptcy in 2003 after blowing through about $300 million in career profits. His first and ex-wife, actress Robin Givens, also accused him of domestic abuse.

mike tyson, robin givens

He was also accused of groping Lori Grinker, his former photographer, with whom he said he had a consensual relationship beginning when he was about 17 and she was in her mid-20s.

Darren Seilback, the woman’s attorney in the current lawsuit, claimed in a different document that his office looked into her claims and found them to be “highly credible.”

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