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If you do anything in your yard this winter, do this


AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you love landscaping, but are thinking about taking the winter months off, think again: Experts say now is actually the best time to take care of your trees.

According to Shawn Martin, with ABC Home & Commercial Services, “it just helps the arborist identify which limbs do need to be removed, which ones could potentially be hazardous that could potentially fall.”

Without leaves, it’s easier for professionals to spot something wrong with a tree and then prune it before the tree becomes hazardous.

Not all trees can be treated the same; older trees take longer to recover, so pruning them during winter can give them time to bounce back before our spring storms.

But that’s not the only reason why the arborists at ABC recommend inspecting your trees in the winter. For instance, some trees don’t typically lose their leaves…but when they do, it could be a bad sign.

“This is a Live Oak. It should be fully covered in leaves and if you look at this branch right out here, there are no leaves on the ends here,” pondered Martin.

Other signs of tree damage include bark peeling off, discoloration on the branches and any big cracks.

While you can trim small, low branches yourself, ABC Home & Commercial Services recommend you choose a tree trimming service with certified arborists that are fully insured to take down the bigger and higher branches.

To keep your trees healthy, fertilize them, water them year-round and:

“Aerating your tree roots, a lot like aerating your yard, is going to make the roots healthier… give them the the ability to…maximize the nutrient uptake, maximize the water uptake as well, added Martin.

Another reason to trim trees in winter? Trees recover from trimming more slowly when they’re impacted by insects or extreme heat…problems less likely in the colder months.


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