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It’s A Fraud, It’s Another Lie


Chrisean Rock, Blueface, Karina Saffold

Blueface’s Mother Claims Chrisean Rock Is Lying About Carrying His Child: It’s A Fraud, It’s Another Lie

Is Chrisean Rock really carrying Blueface‘s baby? His mother isn’t convinced.

Karlissa Saffold, the possible maternal grandmother of the reality TV star’s child, called Chrisean Rock‘s bluff on her Instagram story on Tuesday (Jan. 24). Saffold claims that her son’s on-again-off-again girlfriend is a fraud and is not expecting his child.

She said,

“I had a concerned nurse reach out to me that happens to be a loyal Blueface fan. Someone is lying. But let’s see how it plays out. You never know who you’re messing with.”

Blueface mother, Chrisean Rock Blueface mother, Chrisean Rock

Saffold continued,

“The truth will set you free”

As previously reported, Chrisean Rock recently shared photos of three positive pregnancy tests, seemingly suggesting she is expecting a child with boyfriend Blueface (real name Jonathan Jamall Porter). She captioned the post,

“Guess how many heart beats?”

Many people expressed their concerns about Chrisean‘s readiness for motherhood on social media, and some also prayed for the baby’s welfare. However, it appears that Blueface‘s mother was never persuaded in the first place.

Saffold continued,

“Y’all can all go home now. There’s no baby coming. It’s a fraud. it’s another lie, if you disrespect my page you will be blocked. Now go play with someone else’s family. Goodbye.”

She added,

“Shame on the young lady who gave her that piss too. You are the most responsible for such a sick prank.”

Blueface mother, Chrisean Rock Blueface mother, Chrisean Rock

Saffold said the only way Chrisean can “prove us all wrong” is by visiting a Planned Parenthood location on Wednesday (Jan. 25) and taking a pregnancy test on Instagram Live.

Shortly after Chrisean shared the pregnancy news, rumors allege she got into a physical fight while trying to convince Blueface to leave a party with her.

According to video evidence, Blueface tried to leave the party with a number of people while Chrisean followed him. A full-fledged fight eventually broke out with Chrisean — depicted by a pink tracksuit worn in earlier content — being pulled to the ground by her hair as she appears to be fighting two unidentified women.

The reality TV star clarified on Twitter that she was just breaking up the fight, despite claims to the contrary. She wrote:

“I was breaking up a fight I didn’t fight anyone.”

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