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Jaguar Wright Arrested Following Domestic Altercation w/ Husband + Singer Allegedly Threw Son’s Ashes During Dispute [VIDEO]


Jaguar Wright

Jaguar Wright Arrested Following Domestic Altercation w/ Husband + Singer Allegedly Threw Son’s Ashes During Dispute [VIDEO]

Singer/songwriter Jaguar Wright had a recent run-in with the boys in blue.

In a video posted to Instagram by her husband, the 45-year-old artist is seemingly seen being detained by police officers following an alleged physical assault.


Jaguar Wright and Solar from Carbon Nation assaults Jaguar’s husband at the barbershop. Jaguar was arrested……. #jaguarwright #solar #arrested #fyp

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Though facial recognition is unclear, Wright’s husband, who appears to be the cameraman, seemingly confirms it’s the “Stay” singer in handcuffs. According to Wright’s husband, an individual named Solar appeared with the R&B songstress and assaulted him at a barbershop. He then said that the two assailants were intoxicated and fist-fought with him. Showing alleged bruises to the camera, he additionally claimed his wife threw around the ashes of her late son, stating:

“She came up here and assaulted me while I was at a f***ing barbershop…Her and f***ing Solar came to the barbershop… bruised me and assaulted me. Throwing [her son’s] ashes out the car, calling n***as b***hes and h**s. Somebody else called the cops on her. I can’t calm her down.”

Jaguar Wright husband

He continued:

“I never caused this to my wife…She did this to herself. Hanging out with… motherf***ing sex cultists… they both f***ing drunk as f**k.”

During the clip, you can seemingly hear Wright letting off a round of curses at the officers attempting to detain her. The musician’s husband explained the situation at the barbershop allegedly stemmed from an incident the night before. Apparently, Wright fought with her partner over a gun and, once again, allegedly had the cops called to stop her. The man went on to ask for prayers for himself and his wife, stating:

“Please pray for her…Please, please, please pray for her. Pray for us… I don’t know why she did this sh*t, bro.”

Jaguar Wright

It’s unclear what has been happening with the artist as of late, but her only headlines in the past few years have been shrouded in controversy. Back in 2020, Wright had social media buzzing after making a number of serious accusations. Along with sparking beef with fellow singers Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott among others, Wright also claimed her ex-boyfriend Common sexually assaulted her. Common ultimately denied the accusations, stating:

“Let me say this, man, God bless Jaguar. I really don’t have any negative thoughts towards her. I was surely disappointed and hurt when she said what she said about me because it wasn’t true. And I know people that have experienced sexual assault and that’s not anything to just say if it’s not true.”

It does not seem that Wright has publicly commented on the arrest at this time.

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