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Lauren London Says “My Dad Is Jewish & My Mom Is Black” As She Talks Learning More About Her Jewish Roots + Gives Update On What It’s Like Being A Single Mom


Lauren London/PUMA

Lauren London Says “My Dad Is Jewish & My Mom Is Black” As She Talks Learning More About Her Jewish Roots + Gives Update On What It’s Like Being A Single Mom

Actress Lauren London recently spoke on learning more about her Jewish roots as well as life as a single mom.

In a new interview, Lauren London dished on her real-life upbringing and what she took away while filming the romantic and family Netflix comedy “You People.” According to reports, the 38-year-old told the podcast host,

“My dad is Jewish, my mom is black. I just grew up with my mother in my household. I didn’t grow up with my dad living with us. My parents divorced when I was really young. I was three, so my experience is of my mother’s experience, because I just grew up with a single black mom.”

Lauren London

In the movie, she plays Amira Mohammed, who enters into a relationship with Ezra Cohen, played by Jonah Hill. Also starring Nia Long and Eddie Murphy, the film follows an interracial couple and their families as they tackle modern love amid culture clashes, societal expectations, and generational differences.

Lauren London, Jonah Hill

While speaking on the making of the film, Lauren London reportedly shared,

“What felt personal was shooting in L.A. And some of those areas that we shot in and some of the places that we shot in. I liked that they were Jewish ’cause it was also some stuff that I got to learn via being in the movie that I didn’t know.”

In addition to filming being a full moment for her, Lauren says, the shoot was “just fun.”

During her conversation, Lauren got candid about motherhood and how she currently navigates everyday life as a mother-of-two. She is mom to Kameron, 13, with rapper Lil Wayne, and Kross, 6, whose dad is the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was fatally shot in 2019. She said,

“I’m a single mom, so I want to be very realistic with them. Life is tough. I don’t wanna cushion everything for them. I want them to be prepared for life. I think I’m a balance because sometimes I think I may be going too soft, but I have times where I’m like, ‘Hey, hey, hey, y’all, come on now. Let’s get this together.’ I think I’m an old-school mother.”

While Lauren is seemingly focused on all the good taking place in her life, she added,

“My kids are healthy, they are happy, and I am healthy. I’m here. I have an opportunity to make it a good day. And so I would have to say that every day. My intention is to make the best out of what I have. I don’t wanna ask God for too much.”

Lauren London, Kameron Carter, Kross Asghedom

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