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Officials: Some roads icing in Hill Country


WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The Hill Country is expected to get icy roads Monday night leading into Tuesday. Officials in some parts of the area said they’re already seeing it accumulate.

Burnet Police Chief Brian Lee said roads started to ice in the early evening hours.

“The lesser traveled roads are starting to ice over right now. And as the temperature drops throughout the night and the vehicular traffic lowers, I expect it to ice up even worse,” Lee said.

He said they pre-treated their roads and will continue through the night.

“My officers will monitor what the city streets look like and if they need more treatment, they’ll call,” Lee said.

It’s a similar situation over in Georgetown. The city tells KXAN its public works department has been out since Sunday treating roads.

A spokesperson said they will continue to monitor the weather as this winter storm progresses. They’ll particularly pay attention to areas like bridges and overpasses that have more potential to ice.

The main message from both cities is to stay home if you can.

“If you don’t have to travel tomorrow, this evening through tomorrow, let this pass before you get out on the roadways,” Lee said.

However, if you must hit the road they advise you to let someone know where you’re headed in case of an accident.

“Emergency services could be tied up for quite a while if we get some significant crashes. So it’s good to let people know where you’re gonna be and where you’re traveling to,” Lee said.

Response to power outages

Georgetown officials said its electric crews are all monitoring conditions. They’ve increased staffing over the next few days to respond to power outages.

“If you are experiencing an outage, and are a City of Georgetown electric customer, please first view our online outage maps to confirm we know about your outage. If you don’t see your location included in the outage, please call 512-930-3640, then press 1 to report it. Our system will recognize your number if it’s tied to your utility account.”

City of Georgetown


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