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Robyn Dixon Says She Didn’t Want Wendy Osefo To ‘Do Something That She Would Regret That Jeopardized Her Job’ After Mia Thornton Threw A Drink On Her

Wendy Osefo, Robyn Dixon, Mia Thornton

Robyn Dixon Says She Didn’t Want Wendy Osefo To ‘Do Something That She Would Regret That Jeopardized Her Job’ After Mia Thornton Threw A Drink On Her

Robyn Dixon wants the world to know that despite how it may seem, she has Wendy Osefo’s best interest in mind.

The current season of “RHOP” has the people going! From allegations against husbands to heated altercations, season seven will definitely go down in the “Real Housewives” history books.

As previously reported, on the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac” viewers were shocked when Mia Thornton unexpectedly threw a glass of alcohol in Wendy Osefo’s face and then tried to hit her. During the crazy altercation, instead of helping break things up, Robyn Dixon pulled out her camera to record her co-stars’ dispute. She then told Wendy Osefo:

“You’re baiting and you’re being antagonistic.”

She added:

“If you don’t want to fight then stop.”

After Wendy said, “oh, so you’re telling me to stop but [Mia] threw a drink at me,” Robyn replied:

“You’re being antagonistic. Do you want to fight? Then fight. If you don’t want to fight then shh.”

Since the episode aired, Robyn has faced backlash for the way she acted. In a recent interview, the “RHOP” O.G. explained her side of things and shared that she was only looking out for Wendy. She said,

“Mia was wrong for throwing the drink. I wish she didn’t do it. But my thing with Wendy was I really wanted her to stop because I didn’t want her to do something that she would regret that jeopardized her job or her reputation.”

She continued,

“I explained to her that you have more to lose than Mia. … When I’m telling her ‘you’re being antagonistic,’ I’m telling her that because I’m saying you’re gonna make her do something that you don’t want her to do, because you don’t want to be caught up in it. So that was my whole point, and I’m upset that they didn’t really express that.”

During the explosive episode, after the altercation calmed down, Wendy called out her co-stars for not having the same energy they had when Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard-Bassett got into a physical altercation. As previously reported, during season 5 of “RHOP” the two ladies had a huge fight that left many stunned. Both Robyn and Gizelle Bryant have since expressed that they feel unsafe around Samuels because of her actions.

During her interview, Robyn addressed Wendy’s criticism and said,

“I don’t even understand the comparison. To me, it was two totally different things. … In my opinion, throwing water on someone’s face is messed up. But to equate it to Monique grabbing Candiace and punching her multiple times, I just couldn’t make the connection.”

Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant

Wendy hasn’t said too much about the altercation yet, but she did thank viewers for having her back. In a tweet she said,

“Hey y’all! These past few days have been crazy, but just wanted to say that I see you and I appreciate each and everyone of you. I am forever grateful for the outpouring of love & support. Sending you all my deepest gratitude and biggest hug!”

On IG she added,

“??Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for the outpouring of love, support, and kind words of affirmation I have received over the past 24hours. Always keep your head high and your crown straight. Sending you all my deepest gratitude and biggest hug!”

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