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Roland Martin Slams Bethune-Cookman’s Board Chairman For Accusing Him Of Being One-Sided Amid Allegations From Students That The University Is Ignoring Ill Conditions Of Campus Facilities


Roland Martin

Roland Martin Slams Bethune-Cookman’s Board Chairman For Accusing Him Of Being One-Sided Amid Allegations From Students That The University Is Ignoring Ill Conditions Of Campus Facilities


It looks like Roland Martin is setting the record straight!

During a recent episode of his daily show, Roland Martin Unfiltered, the famed journalist addressed Bethune-Cookman University’s board chairman who accused him and his production team of being one-sided.

Roland Martin began by reading a statement that was made by the school board chairman, Judge Belvin Perry, who was far from pleased with Roland Martin‘s coverage of the university. Perry reportedly said,

“I will not come [on with] Roland Martin, who has been telling a one-sided story with students who have been put up to this by Charles W. Cherry III, a disbarred attorney…I’m done, goodbye.”

In response, Roland Martin fired back by calling Perry a liar.

“You can’t say I’ve been telling a one-sided story when the first guest we had on the show on Monday was interim president Lawrence Drake…He was followed by Ed Reed who told his story. He was followed by three football players…”

Roland Martin

He continued,

“We then followed that up talking to other alumni as well as the student government president, the student vice president…and then we had five students on today. We also have made calls to several board members and none of y’all will answer your phones or come on the show. “

Roland Martin continued to call the chairman a liar and clarified that the students have voluntarily reached out.

“Here’s the other thing you lied about. You said these students were being put up by Cherry…You’re lying. I received emails not from Cherry not from McCray but directly from the students. They email me saying, ‘please can we come on’… The students are reaching out to me directly.”

He added,

“How in the hell am I talking to more students, faculty, staff and alumni of Bethune-Cookman than you are, and you are the board chair?” 

See the video below:

As previously reported, Bethune-Cookman University made headlines over the weekend for the firing of head football coach Ed Reed. The retired professional athlete was recently hired to lead the HBCU’s football department in hopes of taking the team to the next level. However, it didn’t take long for issues between the university’s officials and Ed Reed to surface.


Last week, Ed Reed issued an apology for a video he released blasting the school’s leaders for the lack of cleanliness of the football facilities and his office. According to the Pro Football Hall of Famer, when he arrived on campus he had to spend time cleaning up trash around the football grounds and his personal workspace. Despite his apology, over the weekend Reed broke the news to his athletes that the institution made the decision to let him go.

However, Reed wasn’t alone in his complaints. According to reports, students at Bethune-Cookman have been protesting and calling for the Board of Trustees’ removal. According to the students, the university officials are ignoring the mold and rat problems — among other series issues — taking place in the dorms. They’re also demanding that Reed’s coaching position be reinstated.

Since then, Roland Martin has been covering the story by having various faculty, staff, and students appear on his show.

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