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Three Things to Know about Vaping for Beginners

Did you try your friend’s or co-worker’s vape? Did you enjoy the robust flavour or the style of vaporiser? If you are new to vaping, the vape industry can feel overwhelming. A vapour shop has hundreds of different styles of vaporisers, vape juices, and miscellaneous products. How do you know what flavour you will like? How do you know what mg of nicotine you require? Do you want to try CBD vapour juice? Here are the top three things to know about vaping for first-time consumers.

Do Not Knock It Until You Try It

Vaporisers are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes. You may see a small single-use vape pen and think it is not as good as an expensive mod. However, many consumers love disposable vape pens because they do not need to be charged and are ready to use as soon as you open the package. You may see an expensive vape device in the shop window and love its colour. You can find disposable and affordable reusable vape pens in similar colours. Disposable and more affordable vaporisers are a better option for new vape smokers like you. They will give you an idea of what type of module you like before investing more money in your set-up.

PG vs. VG

When you are shopping for e-juice, you will notice each bottle is labelled with PG and VG content. PG and VG are the bases for nearly every e-juice on the market. PG, or propylene glycol, carries more flavour. It is thinner than VG. The thinner base allows for more flavours to meld together. VG, also known as vegetable glycerine, is a thicker substance that allows for a “smoother hit” than PG. You must pay attention to PG and VG content before filling your vaporiser. Some vaporisers and coils are built better for a higher content of PG, while others are best suited for VG-dominant e-juice.

Consider Your Vape Goals

Are you vaping to quit smoking or to produce large clouds of smoke? Do you want to vape to consume CBD or help deter nicotine withdrawals? Before you buy a disposable vape, vape pen, or an expensive module, you should consider why you have decided to start vaping. Some vaporisers are better at handling VG-dominant e-juice than others. A high ratio VG vape juice is better at producing large clouds than a high ratio PG vape juice. If you have never tried CBD before and are looking to try something new, you might want to start with a disposable CBD pen. Disposable pens are cheaper than chargeable vaporisers. Trying a disposable pen first will save you from spending a lot of money on something you might not enjoy after all.

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