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Top 25 NFL Free Agents For 2023


The Top 25 NFL Free Agents in 2023 is made possible by Füm! The easiest way to stop a bad habit is to switch to a positive one and Füm is designed perfectly to do just that. Head to and use code CHATSPORTS to save 10% off when you get The Journey Pack today. There are some big names in the 2023 NFL Free Agency class, like Lamar Jackson, Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs and Tom Brady. But who will hit the open market and will Brady even play this offseason?

Top 25 NFL Free Agents for 2023:

#1: Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens)

#2: Saquon Barkley (RB, Giants)

#3: Orlando Brown (OT, Chiefs)

#4: Tom Brady (QB, Bucs)

#5: Jessie Bates (S, Bengals)

#6: Daron Payne (DT, Commanders)

#7: Javon Hargrave (DT, Eagles)

#8: James Bradberry (CB, Eagles)

#9: Geno Smith (QB, 49ers)

#10: Jimmy Garoppolo (QB, 49ers)

#11: Tony Pollard (RB, Cowboys)

#12: Josh Jacobs (RB, Raiders)

#13 David Long (LB, Titans)

#14: Yannick Ngakoue (DE, Colts)

#15: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (S, Eagles)

#16: Jordan Poyer (S, Bills)

#17: Lavonte David (ILB, Bucs)

#18: Daniel Jones (QB, Giants)

#19 Dre’Mont Jones (DT, Broncos)

#20: Mike McGlinchey (OT, 49ers)

#21: Jakobi Meyers (WR, Patriots)

#22: Jamel Dean (CB, Bucs)

#23: Marcus Davenport (DE, Saints)

#24: Dalton Schultz (TE, Cowboys)

#25: Odell Beckham (WR, Free Agent)

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