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Tory Lanez’s Alleged Assault Victim, Love & Hip Hop’s Prince, Claims He Was ‘Aggressively Ordered’ To Sign Settlement


Tory Lanez’s Alleged Assault Victim, Love & Hip Hop’s Prince, Claims He Was ‘Aggressively Ordered’ To Sign Settlement


Tory Lanez’s alleged assault victim claims he was threatened into signing their settlement agreement.

According to Radar Online,  Love & Hip Hop star Prince (born Christopher Harty) has asked a court to throw out an alleged settlement he signed with Tory Lanez (born Daystar Peterson) claiming he was forced to sign it at a meeting where Lanez’s associate had a gun. According to court documents, Prince wants a s court to reject the settlement that Tory Lanez asked to be enforced.

Last month, the rapper’s new lawyer, Kadisha Phelps, informed the court that her client came to an agreement with Prince in hopes of ending the lawsuit. Phelps said she had,

“information to believe that a settlement has already been reached between the parties and [Lanez] has tendered funds to [Prince] in the consummation of their agreement.”

However, Prince says that in June 2022, Tory called him to set up a meeting to discuss the settlement, but when he arrived, there was a man with a gun present at the meeting.

In a new filing, Prince said,

“[Lanez] presented me with a document that he drafted himself and ordered that I sign the agreement. He told me not to contact my lawyer when I told him I needed my lawyer to review the agreement.”


Prince said that when he arrived to the meeting, there was another man with Lanez.

He continued,

“This individual is the same individual who was ordered by [Lanez] to attack me at the Vendome nightclub and he did so. I cannot share his identity at this time as this individual threatened me that if I mention his name I would be severely injured or even killed. This individual was in possession of a firearm which was visible at the meeting.”

Prince claims Tory Lanez and the other man  “aggressively ordered me to sign the agreement.” He says he believes they would have hurt him if he didn’t comply.

“I would have never signed the agreement otherwise The amount of money that they made me accept was only a fraction of the damages I have suffered in this lawsuit as a result of their repeated attacks.”

As previously reported, reality TV star Prince claimed that Tory Lanez and his entourage physically assaulted him while inside LIV Nightclub. Allegedly, the 2019 attack occurred due to a misunderstanding involving a record. Prince claimed he suffered “blunt trauma” to his neck, chest, and back.”

Then in 2020, the Love & Hip Hop star said he had another encounter with Lanez at Vendome Nightclub.  Tory allegedly attacked Prince again and punched him in the face before running outside to a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van and fleeing the scene.

Lanez argued his actions were in self-defense and denied all allegations.

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