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TX homeless shelter provides overnight stay during Arctic Freeze


HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – Warming centers in Hays County are on standby waiting to open if the county says its needed.

But the Southside Community Center in San Marcos is taking in the homeless community this entire weekend regardless of power outages or not.

They have their gym filled with rows of about 50 beds and piles of pillows.

image of rows of cots stacked on top of eachother
The center said even if they reach capacity, they’ll try to get hotel waivers for those they can’t house.

“We expect for every cot to be taken,” said Director Deborah Villalpando.

While they don’t expect anything like last year’s winter storm, Villalpando said they are better prepared this time around.

“More blankets, more coats. Head up on non perishables, you know, start to stock up on that,” she said.

Over in Wimberley, the First Baptist Church is ready as well.

“We couldn’t have power going up and down so we invested in a standby generator,” Pastor Scott Tidwell said.

Tidwell said they have everything they need to last days upon days without power.

“With the fuel we have in our fuel tank and the generator and the water, we are self sufficient and could be for a week or more,” Tidwell said.

With Christmas just days away, Villalpando hopes to make others feel cared for and just like family.

“A warm meal and just some comfort. Realize you’re not alone in this,” Villalpando said.

If need be, the county will also provide warming stations on wheels.

County officials tell KXAN in the case of widespread power outages, buses from various school districts in the area can serve as mobile warming stations in affected neighborhoods.


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