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Tyga Says He Was Removed From Pop Smoke Collab Due To ‘Conflict’ w/ Another Artist: Somebody Else Didn’t Want Me On The Song


Tyga, Pop Smoke

Tyga Says He Was Removed From Pop Smoke Collab Due To ‘Conflict’ w/ Another Artist: Somebody Else Didn’t Want Me On The Song

Seems like the opinions of a third party came between a Tyga and Pop Smoke collaboration.

In a recent interview with boxing legend Mike Tyson, rapper Tyga recalled being cut from a collaboration track with Pop Smoke due to “conflict” with another artist. Tyga, born Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, shared:

“We had did two records before he passed and then one of them – it was a conflict on it so I was like, ‘It’s cool, take me off of it. I ain’t tripping.’ Somebody else didn’t want me on the song, right … another artist.” 

Tyga, 33, continued:

“So I was like, ‘It’s cool. I ain’t tripping. Whatever, let’s just do something else.’ And he was cool like that.”

According to Tyga, Pop Smoke passed away before the rappers could finish the final song together. As previously reported, on February 19, 2020, Pop Smoke, real name, Bashar Barakah Jackson, was gunned down during a home invasion while staying in a rented Hollywood Hills Airbnb owned by “Real Housewives” star Teddi Mellencamp and her husband, Edwin Arroyave.

Pop SmokeTyga added that they intended to include Karol G on the unreleased song. He said:

“We did another song and then we finished it, but we didn’t finish the final song because he had passed right before the album came out. But he had text me, like, ‘Yo I wanna put a Latin artist on, a female artist. Who do you think?’ And I was like that we should put Karol G on it, because at the time I was like, ‘Karol G’s poppin. Let’s put her on it!’ So we end up putting her on it for that album.”

However, despite the hiccups Tyga and Pop Smoke faced trying to work together, the pair did get the chance to team up for the late rapper’s song “West Coast Sh*t.” The track also features Quavo. They also worked together on the song “Sunshine.”

Tyga touched on the tunes and said:

“And then I did another song with him and Quavo that they did that I hopped on later. Then the record ‘Sunshine’ was a song that he did. My boy used to do all his A&R stuff, so he did a record for him and then he had the verse and we just put him on there and it just made sense.”

Tyga also compared Pop Smoke to New York rap legend 50 Cent:

“He was outta here, bro, he was different, bro. He was a star – his whole vibe. He definitely woulda changed rap as far as like, what it feels now. It’s almost like when 50 came out and was super gangsta but then he started doing melodies, he started doing those records and those records became bigger. I feel like Pop Smoke too – his melodic records is bigger than his street songs.”

50 Cent, Pop Smoke

Check out Tyga’s interview with Mike Tyson:

What are your thoughts on Tyga being removed from a Pop Smoke track due to conflict in the music industry? Tell us below! 



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